BA / Functional Consulting

Having clear what is needed from the start, it is vital to the success of any project; we make it possible


Guidance and control of what you want to achieve

Defining objectives

Crystal clear goals and objetives for each project


Doing only the necessary in the according step

Requirements definition

Software blueprints emboided in functional specifications

Functional Consulting

The Business Process in IT

The business analysis process is a vital part of any software development project, has a direct action on the requirements gathering part; At Deintec through a practical and fully eficient BA process we support our clients to transform their needs and ideas into a black and white embodied requirement. Within our client-oriented service, the support of expert consultants, by using methodologies such as UML, Deliverables based on functional specifications and software design documents, can define in time and without gaps, the needs of our customers from the start of each project.

Functional Services For all the Companies

What can we do for our clients, regardless of the company type?

  • Orientation, we help you to take the correct course
  • Defining crystal clear objectives and goals
  • Scoping guidance, to do the necessary in the according step
  • Functional analysis planning, how are we going to attack the scope?
  • Requirements definition, based on the business plan
  • Deliverables Making, putting everything on the IT language
  • Review of the deliverables and Feedback of them
  • Approval of the defined solution

BA and SCRUM, how this works with the Agile methods?

The Functional consulting service we offer is not dependent and is adaptable to our agile model.

Agile BA Team

Our consultants agile methodology fit the same pattern of functional analysis oriented to the "product owner" and the analysis of their needs; look at this with the proper performance of "use cases" or "user stories" in order to generate the more convenient development “sprints" plan for our customers.