Our Recruitment Process consists mainly attract in sufficient numbers of candidates to satisfy opportunely the needs of each of our clients. For attracting talent we advertise our company at national and international level.

  • Profile Search Request

    The first thing we do is check our “capacity planning” according to the availability and requested profile, offer the resources that are already Deintec plant.

    When so required an external search is conducted. Publication of vacancies on our website (ofertas.deintec.com), social networks, universities and recognized labor exchanges nationally and globally.

    Search Candidates media recognized nationally and globally. Assistance to National recruitment fairs. Reception and curriculum filter according to the specified parameters

  • First Contact Interview

    The Human Resources Team is responsible for providing candidates that meet the profile sought.

    The high performance recruitment team detects the areas of competence of the candidate, in order to validate that apply to the existing opportunities taking into account important aspects such as years of experience, location, availability, and professional applications requirement expectations.

    Additionally, the application of rapid tests allows us from the first contact to pre-filter candidates who handled the minimum requirement subjects.

  • Technical Evaluation

    We have specialists in different types of technology, who are responsible for the applicant being the ideal sought profile through technical interviews.

    Our technology specialists have a responsibility to screen out candidates who do not meet the technical requirements requested. We have standard open examinations of the most used technologies to identify the technical skills in a qualitative and objective manner.

    • OOP Evaluation
    • .NET Evaluation
    • Data Bases (SQL, DB2, Oracle)
    • JAVA Evaluation

  • Psychometric testing

    Our recruiters use specialized in psychometric tests software to validate what personality type is in accordance with the profile being requested.

    Our psychometric evaluation is composed of Intelligence, Behavior, Personality, Job Skills, Sales Skills, Management Skills, Trust and Honesty Tests.

  • Deep Selection interview

    HR expert team has face interviews with the candidates in order to know more detail and information about their student life, family, social and labor relations and experiences from previous jobs.

  • Personal and work references

    Our team of recruiters perform a thorough investigation to prove the information mentioned by the candidate.

    To ensure the accuracy of the information that the applicant reflected in his Curriculum Vitae, a thorough investigation on the last job candidate is made.

    The main analyzed points are: Age, Last post, functions, Attitude, Performance and Reason for leaving. The approximate availability for a candidate joins activities is one to two weeks on average.

  • Certificate of No Criminal Record

    In the research process, our HR team asks the candidate this document, in order to ensure the integrity of our team.

  • Hiring!

    If the candidate successfully passes all the above filters is applicable to hiring.